Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where is fuel filter on 1994 Rodeo V6?

I have a 1994 Rodeo with a V6 which has hesitation between 60-70 mph. It runs find at lower speeds.

Someone suggested changing the fuel filter but I don't know where it is located.

Where is it and how difficult is it to change? I am not much of a mechanic.
Where is fuel filter on 1994 Rodeo V6?

How do i change the fuel filter on a 2002 Mountaineer AWD 4.0L?

I've located the filter on the passenger side frame rail in front of the fuel tank and behind a plastic shroud. Is there some sort of special tool I need to remove the lines and is there a need to disconnect the computer and/or battery?
How do i change the fuel filter on a 2002 Mountaineer AWD 4.0L?
Yes, you need a special tool. They can be bought at your local auto parts store and are specifically for Ford car and truck fuel line connections. The tool slips over the line, and you push it into the end of the connection. the tool stretches the spring inside the line connection and allows you to remove the line. No need to disconnect the battery/
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  • How to change a fuel filter in a 1998 honda civic ex?

    i know how to change it but hoiw do i turn off the fuel pump so know fuel comes out?
    How to change a fuel filter in a 1998 honda civic ex?
    Here's how Honda service manuals say to relieve the fuel pressure

    1) Disconnect the battery negative cable from the battery

    negative terminal.

    2) Remove the fuel fill cap.

    3)Use a box end wrench on the 12 mm banjo bolt at

    the fuel filter while holding the fuel filter with another


    4) Place a rag or shop towel over the 12 mm banjo bolt.

    5) Slowly loosen the 12 mm banjo bolt one complete


    The fuel pressure will push the fuel out of the loosend fitting and onto the rag. You must relieve the pressure before the fuel filter can be removed.

    Another way to do it safely is to pull the main relay out of the connector and crank the engine over for about 15 seconds. The main relay controls the fuel pump and the ignition so the car won't start and the fuel pump wont' run but cranking it over should open the injectors to vent some of the pressure that is in the system. The main relay is located under the right side of the dash between the side of the glove box and the side of the car. You'll probably still have some residual pressure in the line but the fuel pump won't run with the relay out.

    hope that answers your question
    How to change a fuel filter in a 1998 honda civic ex?
    you need a haynes manual trust me its so worth it! it tells you every thing you need to know about your car.
    if you know where the filter is then just take out the old one,hang the hose higher than the fuel tank and the most important,don`t turn the key into switch/acc position,take note that even if the fuel pump is not running there will always be something that will come out of the hose.
    honda sucks

    Can someone tell me where the fuel filter is on a v6 1988 camaro?

    Im trying to change the fuel filter but i cannot find it. I would take it to a shop but I dont have any money. Thankyou!!!
    Can someone tell me where the fuel filter is on a v6 1988 camaro?
    its on the drivers side of the car. just infront of the wheel. look under the car and follow the steel line. itll be this big silver cylinder with big hex nuts on it. youll need two wrenches to get it off. one to hold the filter in place and one to turn the metal fitting on the cable. if you dont, you risk twisting the line or breaking something, also i suggest soaking it in a good bit of penetrating oil or wd 40 overnight, because that thing is under your car and has been hit by all sorts of water, dirt, dust and other road crap, and is probably alittle rusted on too. also when u install it make sure u follow the instructions. usually theres an arrow and it either points to the fuel tank or to the engine. i believe i bought a fram and it said to point the arrow towards the engine. if you put it in backwards your gonna have some problems.
    Can someone tell me where the fuel filter is on a v6 1988 camaro?
    Just changed one on 1988 Camaro. Guarantee is by frame rail ahead of fuel tank, which is the most impossible fuel tank in the world too change. This Car is abundantly the worst car in the world to change a fuel pump. What could possibly like about this car. luv ser
    check under the car drivers side about half way back. or could have one in the tank. after the sending unit
    Yep under car, on drivers side up in alittle indented spot. Its about even with the rear of the door opeing

    Is the engine of my car affected by the dirty fuel filter?

    My car is chevorlet malibu 2002. I used to change the fuel filter every 8 mos. Now i was surprised to see the gas from the filter is dark and really black. I am just worried something might happen to the engine o especially the injection pump
    Is the engine of my car affected by the dirty fuel filter?
    yes!!!! all the crap that isnt being filtered out is going straight into your engine!!
    Is the engine of my car affected by the dirty fuel filter?
    i agree with steve on that one it might also help to use better fuel
    yes if fuel filter is dirty ur engine will be sucking dirty fuel in the carb or injectors
    you r f ing crazy...every 8 months...i dont do it every 8 YEARS!...when it clogs i change it..
    Yes it is, All the crap it is supposed to filter out is getting in to your engine.
    Sounds like fuel tank problem there , dark means contaminated fuel have it checked

    How do I change my fuel filter on my 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipes.?

    I am a 20 year old girl and I need to change the filter on my car because its cloged and I can't get it to start do to this. So if you for sure know how to change the filter please please please give me good detailed step by step directions for doing it. I would also like to know about how long this is going to take me. If you know it would be nice. So please give me the know how so that I can get my hands dirty and my car fixed and rinning again.Thanks to anyone who trys to heip me. Oh and Merry Christmas hope you all have a good one.
    How do I change my fuel filter on my 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipes.?
    Sweetie I admire the spark in you wanting to do it your self but thats not a good idea with the style filter your car has. See you have to have a filter removal tool and there difficult to use. you'll also have to go under the car. But if your still willing E-mail me and I'll Try to help the best I can. And Merry Christmas to you also.

    How do I changed my fuel filter...?

    I own a 2004 Hyundai Accent. I need to know in details where the fuel filter is located, the tools I need, and how to change it.
    How do I changed my fuel filter...?
    For that car, it is likely in the fuel tank...they intend them to last the %26quot;life of the car%26quot;, but many times don't. If it is plugged, I would suggest having a pro do the job...
    How do I changed my fuel filter...?
    Fuel filter? Do you mean OIL filter? your fuel filter shouldn't go bad on a 2004 model. Still under warranty?
    Nope. Don't touch it unless you are a mechanic or engineer. You're going to end up killing yourself. I don't care if you're short on money. This is not something you touch if you're not mechanically inclined.
    I cannot verify currently the location of your fuel filter. It will be in 1 of 3 places. If it is in the engine bay It will look like a small can with a line going in top under a bolt and a line coming from the bottom going to the Fuel rail. If it is under the car it will be a small can with a hose hose clamped to each end. and if its in the tank its rather hard to change but I will tell you just to answer your question. I suggest having a mechanic friend or pro handle it if its there. To take it out of the tank, You will most likely need to depressurize the system by removing the efi relay under hood and run the engine until it dies on its own. then try to start it a few times. then disconnect the battery. in the trunk under the carpet and maybe spare tire there will be a small panel held in place by some bolts/screws. undo them and underneath is your fuel tank, there will be a circle with connectors coming out the top. you will have to unbolt it and lift out the fuel pump assembly. In the assembly will be the filter, the pump, and most likely the fuel level sender with float. Sometimes you have to replace it as a unit I am not sure on your car. If you don't you can replace the filter if you do You will have to buy a new unit at a store and swap the fuel lines onto it and electrical connections etc. For tools you will need sockets ( My guess would be metric around a 17 but not sure ) a flathead if you need to take off the hose clamps, and 10s or 12mm socket for the panel and tank cover in trunk. If you have to take off the lines to the fuel pump you will need a fuel line clamp and A lot of luck. I personally wouldn't mess with it unless you HAVE to. Any questions Ill be around. Oh and if they are in the engine or under the car depressurize the system and simply unbolt/unclamp them, and replace the way they came out. Make sure flow is correct way. -mike.

    P.S. After searching it looks like the fuel filter Might be the under the chasis kind. Look something like this :http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/sku/Hyundai/Accent/Hastings/Fuel_Filter/2004/HAGF346.html?tlc=Engine+%26+Drivetrain , do depressureize the system and find it.
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